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Some Personal Work of mine
Stuff over the last... while...

[Image: cinis_ortu_castle_hallway_by_zeocloud-d860872.jpg][Image: walking_through_the_castle_s_halls_by_ze...860qxo.jpg][Image: utsuho_painting__by_zeocloud-d873e2e.jpg][Image: utsuho_painting__alt_by_zeocloud-d873elc.jpg][Image: B3ZIO4ACYAE8wJX.jpg]
^^ this character is a draft of something I may turn into a short film, game.. or comic... not sure which
Havent been drawing much lately.. so getting rusty

[Image: B5QhxPXIYAAjXGh.jpg]
[Image: panelbanner.jpg]
Still lookin' good to me
Raptr Gamercard
Raptr Gamercard

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