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While looking for some artwork for the FF7 LP... I came across some pretty nice sprite work for some RPG's by a person named "AbyssWolf" over at Deviant Art.

Here's a sample of some of what he (I assume it's a he) does...

[Image: vii_by_abysswolf-d7v63iw.png]

[Image: chrono_trigger_by_abysswolf-d6enfe8.png]

[Image: bof2_remix_by_abysswolf-d7gtmup.png]

[Image: cfc731d56a87e02b237d349983abcc73-d6af3fk.png]

Now I don't know about you but the first thing I thought of after "Wow, these are awesome..." was "Final Fantasy Street Fighter".
Raptr Gamercard
Those are pretty awesome
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If i didn't play FF7 as much as I have, I'd say this was what was in the game.... if it were in 2D

*Legend Of Zelda item get noise*
Raptr Gamercard

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