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Hi, this is Adam Thomas from Youtube. I've been watching you guys' stuff for a few years now.

I signed up to try and convince Jason to finish Treasure Hunter G.

That is all.
I approve of this comment.

And welcome!
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[Image: fs_overall.png]
Welcome. With his freed up schedule he might be willing to give it go.
[Image: 13407074_10153804665057998_7815423245371...e=58F697AA]

I also approve the comment!
No Man's Sky is awesome...and disappointing...
Greetings and hello...

Absolutely I will finish it. Between having to catch back up where I was currently, plus changing jobs and all the other stuff I've been trying to get caught up on it has fallen to the wayside.

I can't give you a time frame better than "before 2016" though.

Also... Avatar Powers Activate!
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