Full Version: Super Mario Bros. 3 Man-Grit: Man-Grit Challenge 2
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The Man-Grit challenges are simple to understand:
-No save states, not even for saving.
-No turbo controls! This goes for the inclusion of certain games I may or may not have Man-Grit challenges for in the future that have turbo built-in too.
-No cheats! No using any cheats of any kind. This can be anywhere from built-in codes, game genie/shark/ action replay stuff, or even glitch exploits. The only exceptions are for glitches that are nigh unavoidable.

This is pure Man-Grit, here. You play the game like it was meant, withOUT warp whistles. And you play it good!

Today's Man-Grit challenge is for Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES and for the SNES. Pick your version of choice.
As for the GBA version, I don't want it in here as they gave Mario Bros 2 physics to the characters, meaning that luigi has the doofy flutter-kick and super jump. Also, you can have Mario World's Roc's Cape and Mario Bros. 2 veggies if you have the e-reader and those rare mod cards to add in those and many other items. I'll watch a playthrough of it, sure, but it's not eligible for the contest. Sorry.
And as for versions of the NES and SNES versions, any should be fine. Even the wii-re-release version of Mario All-Stars (though I'd recommend using gamecube controller as wiimotes seem to have a minute delay, but I'm just picky)

How you participate is simple. You record yourself playing the game. If you get caught breaking a rule, you lose your Man-Grit. If you can successfully beat the game, you earn your Man-Grit. If you have to take a break, well, tough. For the NES version, at least. You can use the save feature in the SNES version, but ONLY at the start of worlds, and you better hope that I won't catch you cheating by grinding item houses. =_=

Now, some may think that Mario 3 isn't manly enough for this challenge. And to that, I'd just like to remind you that Mario was voiced by WWF wrestler Captain Lou Armano back then, and that's about as manly a video game character can get.
On the points side, though....

You must beat the game by beating EVERY level in EVERY world. NO WARP WHISTLES MAY BE USED, but you can collect them if you like wasting inventory space. This includes Hammer Bro and Piranha Plant encounters, but does NOT include Toad Houses, Roulette spaces, and the secret Fire Bro encounter, as it's impossible to get to them all anyway. You also don't have to play the memory match minigame or collect on White Toad Houses. Also, if you run out of lives and get a Game Over, then you lose. Try again from square one, junior!
Oh, and P-wings are right out. That's indirectly skipping the level, and I won't have that.
All of this earns you 1 Man-Grit.

Bonus Man-Grits:
-Beat every Koopaling (the world bosses) with Fire Flower fireballs and/or Hammers
-Beat Bowser with Fire Flower fireballs and/or Hammers
-Do not ever use Jugem's Cloud or the Music Box, or even P-wings to just get rid of the item in your inventory. Be manly, deal with it! It's in your inventory, and there's little you can do about it.

Beating the game without skipping any level in any manner earns you 1 Man-Grit, each Bonus Man-Grit is worth 1. Total of 4.

Hop to it, Grit-less!

The Gritty Victors:
[Image: qmhCdMm.png]
Jason - 2 Grit

[Image: MFaKikS.png]

P.S. For clarification, you CAN use P-Wings IF you overwrite them with another item before entering another level, BUT it exempts you from the Bonus Man-Grit for just holding onto junk items.


Jason - 6 grit [Image: s6EnxvZ.png][Image: qmhCdMm.png]
JadePharoah - 3 grit [Image: ooxoN9j.png]
I believe I shall do the SNES version as I'd like the ability to save. I don't have a large enough chunk of time to just sit and do the game all at once.
Quick question... P-Wings in stages are an obvious no-no but what if we used one on the map then canceled it out with a fire flower or other such item?

Also, as for the music box... what if we were to use it after all the enemies on screen have been defeated?
you can do both, but you will lose out on the bonus man-grit. Be manly, and let them clog up your inventory.

If you want my advice, get good at the memory match game and fill your inventory and manage the stuff you don't want to use on top so that it gets replaced.
Cool. I think I'm also gonna play the SNES version. I have no problem 100% this game, but I don't think I'm gonna want to do it all in one sitting.
Here we go now....

My plan is to just update this single post instead of adding a new one everytime I upload a new world.

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7
(Where Bandicam decided to start screwing up)

World 8
(Where I guess the frame rate got better, but no commentary)
:'| *sigh* Sorry; but I'm gonna have to bow out of this challenge. I fucked up. When I went to start recording, I accidentally hit "Load State" instead of just opening my in-game save file. That apparently affects in-game saves as it caused the game to revert to a time before that file existed. So now it's gone; I'd have to start all over from the beginning or cheat and use a Warp Whistle, which isn't allowed...
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