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The Megaman Toy Line!
[Image: The-Bandai-TV-Collection-180030256]

Man this is a long time coming, ever since my commentary on the Ruby-Spears cartoon, I wanted to talk about the associated merchandising line. At the time the animated series was out, there was a line of action figures as well. Unfortunately there weren't as many as I would have liked to see. There were only six figures in the initial wave (Megaman, Protoman, Rush, Cutman, Gutsman, and Bombman) and four in the second one (Elecman, Snakeman, Brightman, and Drillman) before it was abruptly cancelled. There was also a line of smaller figurines (Megaman, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Protoman, Cutman, Gutsman, Bombman, Elecman, Fireman, Iceman).

[Image: 220?cb=20191118043518]

As for the main size figures, I thought they were really cool. Not only did their weapons actually fire, but they were made so that Megaman (or Protoman for that matter) could fire them from his arm cannon.

[Image: NhGjvk2Xdd5ZuKUAOr4sR2omJkjfJQsgPkx9c7FN...UoLFkWceOI]

Megaman had an interchangable Mega Buster with one of his hands, that could be loaded with a plasma shot and fired with the press of a button. Protoman had a similar setup. 

[Image: 340?cb=20191118051719]

Rush could fold up and be combined with a Rush Jet attachment to be converted.

[Image: 340?cb=20191118042140]

Cutman had two different Rolling Cutters that could be fired (from a button on the back of his head or Megaman/Protoman's arm cannon), one being the usual and the other being an unusual pair of jagged shears.

[Image: 340?cb=20191118042138]

Gutsman came with a fire hydrant that he could throw with a lever in his back. Again though, it was also made to be fired from Megaman's arm cannon, like all of the other robot master weapons.

[Image: 340?cb=20191118040706]

Bombman, like Gutsman, came with a Hyper Bomb he could throw via a lever in his back, or the arm cannons. Funny thing about this one, is that I heard it was discontinued after the Oklahoma City Bombings, which makes it even harder to find than the others.

[Image: s-l640.jpg]

Snakeman, with Search Snake. Not much to say about this one.

Trying to find a good picture of the Elecman figure, which doesn't seem to exist... But I know he had an interchangeable buster like Megaman/Protoman, but with a Thunder Beam shot instead. That second wave was NOT around for very long...

[Image: 340?cb=20191118050949]

Brightman has his lightlbulb as his projectile, which is kinda funny.

[Image: 340?cb=20191118050553]

Finally there's Drillman, with one of his Drill Bombs detatchable and firable.

But sadly, that's the end of the toy line. Again, there was some kind of falling out between Capcom, Bandai, and Ruby-Spears that put a fork in this, and caused them to dry up seemingly overnight. But I've done my own schematics on how other robot masters would have looked too,

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