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Oh man, I have a thing
So, I figure...I haven't actually posted to the forum yet, and this is kind of silly since I'm actually part of the darn site now, so...hi! Laughing

I'm Kewlio (if you don't know), and, more or less, my appellations technical monkey. I've made a few LPs and stuff, the first of which was Tomba! about four and a half years ago now. I'm pretty much the newest member of LowBiasGaming, and I'm happy to be here to entertain you all.

I'm also currently in the process of building the best and brightest site LBG has ever seen! We've still got some programming to do and stuff, but hang tight, and we'll have some cool stuff to show you pretty soon.

Anyway, that's all I really had to say today. I hope to get lots of new stuff out for you guys soon!
Avatar with Kirby. LP'd Tomba!. Does stuff.
Meowskivich approves.

dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

Play Orbs CCG and earn me and you a free bunch o' cards: http://orbsccg.com/r/4r6x B)
PixelCat also approves.
Sounds great! Thanks for all of the work you've been putting into it!

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