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Mega Pony Man-Grit: Man-Grit Challenge 3
A very special Man-Grit challenge involving a fan game of two of the manliest things around: Mega Man and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Prove your manliness! Play these games straight up, no obscure ways of cheating, and no non-obscure ways of cheating!

One more thing, the game gives you an option to change your starting lives count. You may set this no higher than the standard 2. Obtaining more lives in the game is alright, it's just the starting lives is all.

Here's how you earn your grit:
-Beat the game as Mega Pony

this nets you 1 cool Man-Grit
extra Man-Grit are as follows:
-Beat the game with 1/3 of the optional characters
-Beat it with 2/3 of the optional characters
-Beat it with ALL optional characters

Go forth and be manly, here's a video with the description that has a download to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwMOOHb1aeA

[Image: 5mhhbZD.png]
Jason - 1

[Image: 8zXuLR6.png]
dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

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I've been playing with the idea of LPing this game. I haven't been able to make it far; it's pretty hard, almost as hard as MM Unlimited. Now I have a reason to do it for realz!

I don't think this game has controller support, though. I think you need to have Joy 2 Key to play it on a controller, which I've never been able to figure out very well.

I feel the game is easier than MMU by a notch or two, with a higher rate of learnability to it. Though there are 7 characters with completely different play styles each, and that can make it highly difficult to master everything.

(also, I've been insane enough to be attempting to complete a no-hit run of MMU, it is nuts)
dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

Play Orbs CCG and earn me and you a free bunch o' cards: http://orbsccg.com/r/4r6x B)
Yeah, I've noticed no joypad support as well. I may just go for it with keyboard... I'm not sure yet.
Yeah, I saw MMU has a 'Insta-Kill Mode', in which everything kills you in one hit, forcing you to do a no-damage run. I don't think I'm insane enough to attempt that...

Episode 1 - Honest Mare

In this episode we start the challenge off. Having only played this game enough to figure out if my controller was going to work, I know nothing about it really.

The music is very "Mega Man 2, but inverted... kinda." It's not too bad, but some tracks work better than others.

Controls are fine, they feel Mega Man-y... but not quite. Almost a little sluggish but not quite. If you've not played Mega Man games like I have you probably wouldn't notice it.

I've decided that the way to go isn't so much "I'm Mega Pony and gonna save the world!" as it is more of a "I'm Jason... which things can I remove from the world to make it more miserable."

Anyway... I decide that Honesty is the trait that needs to be eliminated from the world first.

Episode 2 - Generous Mare

After eliminating Honesty, and in a strange series of events, apples from the world, I decide that generosity is the next to go.

I shall destroy all laughter.

My inner Ebenezer Scrooge shines through as I spend my efforts to ensure kindness is no more.

Air man mixed with some ninja space pirate ponies? Sure.

Magic is for suckers and David Blaine... who is also a sucker.


Ok, I like what they did with the ending... but that one part was a bit weird.

Anyway, don't know if I'll be doing any of the other runs just as yet... If I do, I will have commentary on those.

All in all not bad. Some of the music decisions were a bit weird... a few sprites looked a little goofy. There was a few instances of things just not quite working correctly but all in all a decent fan game to be sure.
I'm going to have to request a single playlist link or something from now on, it takes way too long to load a page with all these vids.
dOn'T mInD mE! i'M jUsT cOnTaGiOuS!

Play Orbs CCG and earn me and you a free bunch o' cards: http://orbsccg.com/r/4r6x B)

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