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Get With The Program
Not only is that an episode from an amazing podcast... but it's also kind of a new project around here at the forums.

I've taken it upon myself to go and get some programs and get em all encoded and uploaded here, in order, in HD.

The current project being Big O. I've decided to do this one first for a couple reasons: I love it, it's not terribly long, and I think you guys will really enjoy it if you've never seen it.

I have a couple other projects in line that will go up after Big O (those being Cowboy Beebop and Captain N: The Game Master), but I need some more ideas for what you folks would like to see.

I do need to finish Knightmare, but there's been some encoding problems with that and I need to revisit them and reupload those... but what else is out there that you folks would like to see?

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