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Super Mario Bros. 3 Man-Grit: Man-Grit Challenge 2
I, for one, would be ok with using the whistles to get back to where you were... though you'd lose all your items and lives.
(08-10-2014, 06:16 PM)JadePharaoh Wrote: :'| *sigh* Sorry; but I'm gonna have to bow out of this challenge. I fucked up. When I went to start recording, I accidentally hit "Load State" instead of just opening my in-game save file. That apparently affects in-game saves as it caused the game to revert to a time before that file existed. So now it's gone; I'd have to start all over from the beginning or cheat and use a Warp Whistle, which isn't allowed...

Just try again at a later date, mate! I can see where you're coming from, but rules are rules. These challenges have no time limit, so do it when you're in that mario mood.
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Cool. Maybe I'll try to power through the NES version sometime, when I know I'll have a good couple of hours to spare on it.


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