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Gateway 2: Homeworld
Text adventure game for DOS | Developed and published by Legend Entertainment | Released in 1992

Ten years have passed since you saved the human race from certain doom, in Frederick Pohl's Gateway. You're now retired, and with fifty million dollars in your bank account you have little to worry about. But just as you're busy enjoying your retirement a giant object appears out of nowhere and settles next to Pluto. It's promptly named the artifact as it's theorized that it's a Heechee spaceship. It's too far away to say for certain, though, so the UN decides to dispatch a spaceship carrying an ambassador to investigate. Guess what; you're not that ambassador, but you are called upon to brief the ambassador before departure. Unfortunately a sect of terrorists attack you before the briefing can take place and you're forced to escape into the ship assigned to take the ambassador to The Artifact. Liftoff...this is where your adventure begins.