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Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
Action-Adventure game for DOS | Developed by id Software | Published by Apogee Software | Released in 1991

You are eight-year-old Billy Blaze, boy genius to your neighborhood, Commander Keen to the rest of the Universe. As your Photachyon Transceiver scans the galaxy for radio signals you overhear an ominous message. So, the evil Shikadi are planning to destroy the Galaxy, huh? It's time to grab your trusty pogo stick and neural stunner, climb into the cockpit of your homemade Megarocket, and blast off for the Shadowlands. To prevent the obliteration of life as we know it, you'll have to battle your way past level after level of deadly hazards and devious creatures...or end up as space toast!
- Experience ultra-high speed animated action & 360 smooth scrolling graphics!
- Explore hundreds of screens in more than 30 action-packed levels!
- Hear professionally-composed music and exciting sound effects with AdLib, Sound Blaster, or a 100% compatible sound board!
- Take on evil aliens on your terms with three levels of difficulty!
- Become addicted to exhilarating action, incredible graphics and hilarious adventures!
"GOODBYE, GALAXY!" continues the Commander Keen legacy with two great games: "Secret of the Oracle" and "The Armageddon Machine." See for yourself why the acclaimed Commander Keen games are the most hilarious and addictive yet created for the PC! Each exciting space adventure features its own fast action, otherworldly locations and diabolical space aliens.