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ALF: The First Adventure

LowBiasMonthly - April 2015 - ALF: The First Adventure

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Also the LowBiasMonthly for April 2015 (just a leeeetle bit late, but...eh), whose subject was "Games with Eight or Fewer Colors".

After watching Frankomatic play the Commodore 64 version of a certain terrible "action arcade" "game", I decided to take it upon myself to let him (and everyone) know...there is worse than that. Much...much worse.

DOSBox settings: If you insist upon playing this...uhm...*this*, set a very low cycles count of about 300. Setting the machine mode to CGA is ideal, but not at all required, and doesn't really change much anything.

Frankomatic's Alf video: https://youtu.be/OyM2wKE7tb4

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